Raw Audio Profile

Going into this assignment, I was a little worried because I never had to conduct an audio story. I have, however, recorded my interviews with people over the time that I have worked at the Branding Iron, so it was not too hard to work with a recorder. It also helped because I have been able to be the one interviewing people before, so I did not really have any hesitations when it came to asking Abbey to describe her situation. However, I found it a little difficult to be the one getting interviewed. As I was answering the questions she asked me, I could not help but over think a little bit about whether I was answering the questions well enough. I was comfortable being recorded while speaking, since I have had experience using them before, but I had more issues with answering the questions without straying too far from where I wanted to be with my answer.

I actually really enjoyed doing this assignment and trying out the idea of storytelling through audio. I liked that you are able to tell a story with a lot more emotion by listening to the way someone tells their story. I have been interested in starting a podcast with a friend of mine, so this assignment helped me learn a little bit more about the proper way to tell a story and where to record audio for the best results.

As mentioned before, I did not really like the idea of making sure I said everything I wanted to say while still keeping it short enough to make the time limit. It was hard for me because I was speaking about something that was really dear to me, so it was a little difficult to stay on the track I originally planned.

After completing this interview, I would say the one thing I would change is how long we could talk. I think that it would have made for a really good story if Abbey could have elaborated a little more and same for my story. Other than that, there is not much that I would change. I feel that I learned a lot and really enjoyed trying my hand at audio storytelling.

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