Live Tweeting Project

Photo of the Union at the University of Wyoming courtesy of Wikicommons

For the live tweeting project I decided to live tweet the forum Student Media and ASUW held to discuss the Union Visioning plan. The Union Visioning plan would bring changes to the space allotted in the Wyoming Union. I found it important to cover because this plan will affect many students in different ways and it is always smart to keep up with what is happening on campus.

When we were assigned this project, I was nervous and excited to see it through. I am not one to often use Twitter, so I was not sure that I would even know what to say. After going to the event and actually live tweeting an event, I found that I really enjoyed it. I found that it kept me more involved in the discussion that was going on, since I was trying my hardest to get good quotes from the panel members.

During this assignment I definitely learned the benefits Twitter can have for reporters. It is a quick way to stay updated on an event that you might not have been able to make it to, which is a completely new way for viewers to get their news. One thing I struggled with was typing fast enough to get all of the good quotes in while I could.

I was surprised by how easily I got over 10 tweets so quick. There was so much important information being shared that it was fairly easy to keep the constant thread going. I am happy that I got the spelling of the names before the meeting started, because I think it would have been incredibly difficult to live tweet an event with seven different speakers without knowing beforehand.

There was not necessarily something I wish I could have done differently. I feel like this project went fairly well and I actually enjoyed doing it. I could definitely see myself using this in my career in the near future. I want to go into the entertainment journalism realm with my career, so I could definitely live tweet events like concerts. I am looking forward to seeing how Twitter works its way into my career.

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