Photo of Shawn Hess from Elk Tongue courtesy of

Video Storytelling: Shawn Hess

For the video storytelling project Abbey and I decided to do a feature video on a local musician, Shawn Hess. Both of us are very interested in music and the local scene in Laramie, so we decided to feature Shawn because he is in three local bands and we figured it would make for an interesting feature. We decided to use band members from two of Shawn’s bands for outside perspectives on him as a person and musician.

I really enjoyed doing this video project for  a few reasons. The first reason is because I have always wanted to do more work with video and this project offered that. I also really enjoyed getting to focus on Shawn and his involvement in the music scene. It was amazing to get to submerge myself in the music scene even more and be surrounded by such talented individuals for the project. I believe the amount of passion I have for this subject is clear in the final product that Abbey and I came up with.

There was not much I did not enjoy about this project. Everything ran fairly smoothly besides some issues we ran into with our camera. Some of the issues turned into positives and others were easy to solve. For example, the camera we used would not connect with my MacBook, making it a little more difficult to get the files into iMovie. This was easily solved by using my brother’s computer to load the files onto a jump drive. We also ran into the issue of our video clips coming out a little grainy, which in the end added to the feel of the video because of Shawn’s personality. (There was also a random purple dot, but there was no way to fix that.)

I was surprised by how easy this project was for us. Everyone was very willing to work with us, so scheduling interviews went very smoothly. The editing process also came together a lot easier than anticipated. Abbey and I really focused on splitting the workload evenly, so it never felt like one of us was doing more work than the other. The only thing I would have changed would be being able to extend the length of the video because there is so much to what Shawn does in the music scene that I think it would have been pretty interesting. Other than that, I thought the project ran smoothly and I would not change anything really.

Another reason I really enjoyed doing this project is because I will be able to use it as a portfolio piece when I am applying for jobs. I think it is very important to have experience in all forms of storytelling for journalists and I believe that I learned a lot from this project. I am excited to share this work with friends, family and future employers.

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